Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pet Neutering Services at the SPCA-DBKL Klinik Kembiri

“You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”
-- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

My friend Azura managed to get her two rescued stray cats, Obie and Mummy Cat, neutered recently at the SPCA-DBKL Klinik Kembiri, thanks to the generosity of SPCA Selangor, which gave away 50 vouchers for the spaying/neutering of mixed breed and rescued companion animals during its World Animal Day celebrations in October. I was fortunate enough to obtain a voucher for Azura to facilitate the neutering of her two juvenile felines.

Azura followed up with a blogpost of such insight and warm humour on the issue of neutering and care of companion animals, from the perspective of a conscientious Muslim, that I cannot resist but link to it here. Azura had even taken the trouble to find the specific fatwa by JAKIM on the advantages and permissibility of neutering.

SPCA officers, veterinarians and staff standing in front of the SPCA-DBKL Klinik Kembiri in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.
2nd from left: Dr. Goh, 3rd from left: Dr. Suhanna, 4th from left: clinic assistant Murugan, 5th from left: Consultant Glyn Roberts, 6th from left: PR Officer Nicole Tai.
Photo courtesy of PR & Marketing Officer, Jacinta Johnson

The SPCA-DBKL Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic was set up to provide subsidised spay and neuter services for companion animals belonging to people from the lower income category, animal rescuers and people caring for stray animals in their community. The Klinik Kembiri vets are heroes in their own right, being dedicated individuals who chose the path of community service and animal welfare over that of a lucrative career in private veterinary practice!

Dr. Suhanna performing surgery on a cat at the Klinik Kembiri.

The benefits of neutering are countless, as any caregiver for a neutered companion animal would attest. Besides the obvious benefits to the animal’s health and behaviour, neutering companion animals is good for the environment as it controls stray animal population and reduces incidences of fecal pollution and scavenging by stray animals.

Many of you would no doubt remember the high-profile incident in which over 300 dogs were abandoned on an uninhabited island by the villagers of Pulau Ketam.

There was also a case in February 2009 in which the SPCA Inspectorate had to enter an apartment unit to rescue 53 cats that had been abandoned by their irresponsible caregiver. Cases such as these are by no means isolated. The SPCA receives over 700 unwanted, abandoned and/or abused animals every month. I have no doubt that other animal welfare groups receive, rescue and help many animals in need as well.

Such cases would have been prevented if the animal care providers had behaved responsibly and had practiced early spaying/neutering.

The SPCA website offers professional pre-surgery and post-surgery advice, so do drop by for a visit to allay any misgivings you may have about the procedure!

For more information, please visit the SPCA website.

To fix an appointment, please contact:

DBKL-SPCA Klinik Kembiri
Pusat Kurungan Haiwan
Jabatan Kesihatan DBKL
Jalan Air Jerneh
Air Panas, Setapak
53200 Kuala Lumpur

03-40243446 (Office)
012-2581041 (Manager – Mr G.R. Krishnan)



Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Every little initiative helps to manage a problem. Kudos to the SPCA-DBKL Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic for their services. Allin, it shows people do care. Our cats, dogs are our friends - let's show them we love them too.

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Thanks, Keats! I think our cat and dog companions are our children -- they are just as vulnerable and just as in need of care, love, discipline and guidance.

Patricia said...

I wish people would also see a need to neuter their male animal companions!

The idiots who live a few doors away from me has a dog in season now. The male dogs in the neighbourhood have been camping outside her door for the past three days. All day long they prowl and glare and fight with each other. All night long, they do the same, and we all can't sleep. Where are their owners? Don't they miss them?!

I feel so sorry for the lads! They are a sad and handsome bunch. And they've been pre-programmed to do this deed on pain of death. So, they sorrowfully wait at her door, hoping against hope . . . .

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Pat! I agree with you, most of the stray dogs and tomcats are handsome lads. There are no bad dogs or cats, only bad owners. I see so many people surrendering their pets at the SPCA because the dog/bitch/cat is 'out of control'. When we offer to neuter them (the animals, not the people, though sometimes I wish we could!) for the same sum it would cost them to surrender their pet, on condition they bring their pets home and care for them properly, about 50% of them agree to the terms. And when they come back to have the stitches removed or whatever, they tell us, VOILA! It's like having a brand new dog! So compliant and sweet and all!

nat said...

hey! nice to see KK is still running full steam ahead! :D

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Thanks, Dr Nat! You'll always be the original Klinik Kembiri Animal Hero! I had a photo of you neutering a dog, but it was a bit on the gory side, so I decided not to use the photo. Sorry, boss!

vivek4all said...

Hi, I am planning to Neuter my male dog and have tried to call Klinik Kembiri but nobody lifts the phone lines and not reply to the emails sent. Just wondering is this Klinik still working? may be I need to look into other alternaties. I live close to government animal hospital near off jalan cheras. Is this a better option kindly advice.

Thank you
mail id: vivek4all@gmail.com

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Hi Vivek,
I'm sorry you're facing problems with getting in touch with Klinik Kembiri. Their number is still 0340243446 so I wonder what's going on. Do call up the govt vet hospital and see when they can fix an appointment. If the waiting period is too long, do call Chelvy or Dr Pushpa of SPCA in Ampang Jaya at 0342565312 to fix a neutering appointment. The requirement is that your dog must be at least 5 months old and must be a local mixed breed and not a pedigree.
Good luck!

Jules said...

I like to neuter a stray cat at my workplace. She has given birth to 5 kittens which I managed to find home for. I need to neuter the mum and the kittens are 2 months old now so it is time for her to get zipped.
Is there a clinic similar to Kembiri in Shah Alam or Klang area? Do you know?


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Hi Juliette, I hear that the Selangor state government will be setting up a low-cost neutering clinic in Subang Jaya or Shah Alam soon. Alternatively you can always seek subsidies and assistance from organisations such as MyAnimalCare.org