Monday, February 1, 2010

The Shoebox Project: Photos from December

We've finally got some photos of the Burmese Refugee Children Christmas Party held on 18 December 2009, after a long wait! Thank you to all our wonderful contributors who ensured that no child went home empty-handed. The initial request was for 172 presents, but we received over 300 presents in the end, which meant that the extra presents could be distributed to children from other vulnerable communities. Some of you may not be able to recognise your presents, as the other volunteers and I have wrapped and decorated the boxes that were not wrapped. The age of the children in this particular community school range from 6 to 16. The final two photos are of the teens. As you can see, your kindness brought them a lot of joy. For many of them, it is probably the first time they have received a Christmas gift.