Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunday, 4th October 2009: World Animal Day at the SPCA

The SPCA World Animal Day Celebrations last year were held at the KL Tower Terrace, thanks to the generosity and kind cooperation of City Hall and other corporate bodies. This year, however, we decided that a small-scale celebration at the SPCA shelter in Ampang Jaya would be just as meaningful.

The SPCA PR team sent out a request for ideas over a month ago, and I am pleased to report that my idea was selected. We would have a candlelight vigil, Volunteer Appreciation Awards, and a pledge ceremony. I drafted the pledge within 20 minutes of being requested to do so, and was surprised to find that it had been adopted verbatim.

I managed to stop by the Shelter on our way back from Titi Eco Farm, and was glad that I could join in the later half of the celebrations, even if I could not arrive in time to receive my appreciation award. I was gratified and touched to see the candles lit for the departed animals and the number of pledge cards signed and taken home.

Candlelight vigil for departed animal companions. May we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Sombre faces: Jacinta and I, after lighting our candles.

Nicole was kept busy selling SPCA merchandise and collecting signatures for the UDAW Petition

Pris registering applicants for free Klinik Kembiri spay/neuter vouchers. For more info on the low-cost spay/neuter clinic, please click here.

Please take the World Animal Day 2009 pledge!
1. I pledge to look after, protect and provide for all animals under my care; to arrange for alternative caregivers whenever I am away and to find solutions for boarding and rehoming should I find myself unable to care for my companion animals any longer.

2. I pledge to vaccinate and neuter my companion cats, dogs and and small animals (e.g. rabbits and hamsters) and to educate my family, friends and co-workers on the importance of vaccination, neutering and obtaining necessary licenses for one's companion animals.

3. I pledge to gently advise neighbours who fail to provide proper care for their companion animals, and write to zoos, circuses, theme parks and other facilities that keep animals, in the event I witness any acts of neglect, ill-treatment or cruelty. If my advice should fail to bring about positive change in the treatment of the animals, I pledge to report the matter to the SPCA or relevant authorities such as the Wildlife and National Parks Department.

4. I pledge to assist the SPCA and animal welfare groups in finding homes for the animals under their care and advise my family and friends to spay/neuter their existing pets and adopt from shelters and pounds, rather than purchase from pet stores.

5. I pledge to live simply that animals may simply live. I will reduce, reuse and recycle more and use less fossil fuels and chemicals. I will dispose of hazardous materials such as paint, needles and cans with sharp edges carefully. I will use fewer plastics bags, polystyrene products and other materials that may pose a danger to stray animals and wildlife.

6. I pledge to be a more careful driver that I may avoid harm to animals that share our roads and neighbourhoods. I will provide all the assistance I can to animals harmed by traffic and people.

7. I pledge to vote against animal cruelty with my money. I will purchase and use only products that are cruelty-free and which do not cause animal suffering. I will avoid products that are known to have been tested on animals.

8. I pledge not to give animals as gifts unless specifically requested and chosen by the recipient. If I do get an animal as a gift, I will ensure that it will be vaccinated, neutered and given proper care. I will adopt from shelters, pounds and animal rehomers rather than purchase from pet stores and breeders.

9. I pledge to join or support wildlife protection programmes, animal welfare organisations and environmental organisations to educate myself on ways to reduce harm to animals and protect wildlife that are vulnerable to exploitation. Our collective voice and votes can help to change harmful governmental and corporate policies.

10. I pledge to opt for vegetarian food whenever I can. I will go vegetarian at least once a week. I will also actively look for alternatives to leather, suede, fur, honey, silk and ivory.

Happy World Animal Day, from all creatures great and small!


tansrimat said...

Saya mengkagumi semangat dan kesucian hati mereka-mereka yang suka membantu binatang. I once lived with a girl who took care of 25 cats. She had a heart of gold. You people must do too.

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Dear Tansrimat,
Thank you for your kind comment. I have my own stray cat rescue operations, called Project Second Chance. I try to vaccinate, neuter and rehome stray animals. Last year I managed to get 16 cats and kittens rehomed. This year I managed 6 so far. If it weren't so expensive (esp vet bills and medication) and time-consuming (for those of us who work 12 hours a day), I think more people would attempt to do the same. At the moment, I have 2 dogs and 6 cats, all former strays, all vaccinated and neutered. They are my children.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

What a warm , big, family - humans and cats! You deserve the appreciation:))

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Thanks, Keats! Don't forget the dogs too! Amber and Chocky don't like to be left out!