Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Makan-Makan at the GoMakan Online Portal Launch

We Malaysians take our food very seriously. Food is frequently the highlight of any event, and quality of life is often inordinately defined by Malaysians in terms of availability and quality of food. I remember a friend in conservation circles narrating the highlights of an elected representative's speech on the Draft Animal Welfare Bill during a public event. Apparently, the hallmark of animal well-being is all about having "cukup makan".

As a vegetarian, I am pleased to see the increasing number of vegetarian and vegan options in F&B outlets that are hitherto not plant-eater friendly. Most of the F&B outlets in KL can and do cater to the needs and sensitivities of vegetarians and vegans, and event organisers also make an effort to ensure that the needs of vegetarians are catered to.

The launch of the online portal and F&B directory, GoMakan.com, therefore, could mean nothing but good news to foodies and the food service industry.

According to the press release introducing the portal:
"The portal itself will be an innovative combination of information, entertainment and social networking, with features like a search engine, user-driven dining reviews as well as upcoming interactive communities, making it an able, efficient tool for communication between an establishment and its present and prospective patrons. There is even a web TV channel for original shows produced by GoMakan highlighting food around the city.
Available at no cost to users, GoMakan’s member restaurants enter into a yearly subscription to be listed as a commercial member and, in turn, gain access to information such as traffic flow, source assessment, search trends and demographic breakdowns, allowing them to drive traffic to their establishments strategically. Initially, GoMakan.com will focus on the Klang Valley before moving on to other parts of Malaysia."

I was delighted to have been invited to the GoMakan event launch by my friends, Nadia and Richard, who I incidentally met during an animal rescue effort. My easygoing, food-loving boyfriend Aravind and I braved the Friday evening traffic to go to Club Neverland at Jalan Kia Peng for an evening of food, networking, fun and games.

The launch saw foodies and members of the media sampling tasty offerings from a number of Klang Valley restaurants that have signed up as GoMakan members.

Friendly and hospitable faces at the Killiney booth.

Lovely currypuffs with a variety of fillings, including a non-spicy vegetable based turnip one.

Ice cream from Vedablu and macarons and cupcakes from Wrapstarzz received 5-star ratings from me. I had a coconut-flavoured macaron and a chocolate fudge cupcake from Wrapstarzz, and Watermelon-Lime, Vanilla and Mango-Waterlily flavoured ice cream from Vedablu. It was incredible that I managed to squeeze out of the door on my way out.

Mr. Siew Bao also deserves a thumbs-up for their Vegetarian Mushroom Baos and Pineapple Tarts.

The Boyfriend was naturally very happy that he got to sample a variety of finger foods and tasty morsels, since he is not constrained to eating plants.

Stand-up comedienne Joanne Kam Poh Poh had us rolling in mirth. It is amazing how every food item suddenly develops a double entendre when its name is uttered by Joanne Kam. I will never look at chee cheong fun, roti canai or papadam the same way again!

Our stamped wrists/fists remind me of our post-exam clubbing days when we were in college. This was taken when The Boy and I were riding the monorail home after the event.

Thank you, GoMakan launch event organisers, for having us at your event! We wish you every success, and full bellies and full rice bowls galore.